Aaj Ka Upay...!!!!

Make happy to Surya and Shani both. Very easy way to do so. Every morning give some water and Bajra seeds to birds. One can make some arrangement to store water at some place in open for birds also. giving water in this hot summer to birds will make happy to Surya dev and bajra will make happy to Shani dev.

Try it, its simple but very effective. You will found positive changes in few days only. 

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Shani Shanti...Shani Upay....Shani Solution..!!!

Shani is the planet which plays a very big role in every one's life in today 's world. Shani Dev is the god of justice. They give punishment and make a person discipline and true. He can turn anyone's life in any way anytime. Hence it is important, that we understand what he want from all of us. A person who do the hard work with full honesty, Shani Dev always give his blessing to him. But even then if you are facing some problems due to shani dev, u can use following tips for improvements and better results:

(1) Try to start your day early, if you go for jogging or an early bird then a simple tip for you...Store some water and bazra seeds in open for birds. Whereas you can do it any time in day, but best will be if you do it before sun rise or increase of sun heat.

(2) Put some black Till seeds in your bathing water on Saturday specially, if you can do the same daily it good but otherwise doing the same on Saturdays will also work.

(3) if you are religious and perform morning prayer or puja then you must en light deepak (try to use made of mud) with Jasmine (Chameli) Oil in front of Lord Hanuman.

(4)  Mantra for Shani Dev - " Om Sham Shanesharay Namah".

(5) Enlightening of Deepak of jasmine oil at Shani Temple/ Hanuman Temple or putting the same under Piple tree after sun set.

(6) Give some mustard oil and money (coins) to some needy or bagger.

(7) One thing that one need to remember God of Justice wants Humbleness, devotion and truth. If you are on this track and not following above steps even then it does not matter.